Drop to Give the Gift of Avocado Toast

Smashed avocado toast has recently become synonymous with the imprudent spending habits of millennials. In fact, an Australian millionaire blamed the brunch staple for why 18 to 35 year olds can’t afford homes. But Drop–a fintech company focused on bringing value to millennials–wants you to know you can have your avocado toast and eat it, too.

On July 27, Drop will be serving up free avocado toast on the corner of King Street West and Brant Street in Toronto. From 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., millennials who’ve downloaded the Drop app (and flash a piece of ID proving their millennial-status) will get a topped slice.

Millennials have been widely criticized for eating up their savings by dining at restaurants and grabbing take away. Just last year an American study found that millennials spend 44 per cent of their food dollars on meals outside the home.

“We know millennials want to keep enjoying life and still be responsible with their money,” said Drop CEO Derrick Fung. “Drop is all about making loyalty for millennials relevant, and helping them feel empowered by rewarding them for their purchases–regardless of whether they’re buying avocado toast, groceries, or household essentials.”


Launched in July 2016, Drop is a mobile rewards app that links with users credit and debit cards to automatically collect loyalty points for purchases. These points can be cashed in at major retailers including Apple, Amazon, Starbucks and Lululemon.

Download the app to start earning rewards and redeem your free toast this Thursday.