EA Sports changes Super Bowl prediction, chooses Steelers to win over Packers

Hey, remember when EA Sports picked the Green Bay Packers to win Super Bowl XLV all the way back in early September? Well, it looks like that wasn’t their final answer, because on Wednesday, they announced that they were backing the Pittsburgh Steelers instead.

What gives? I thought a bet was a bet? It turns out that an updating simulation run this week which took into account the regular and post-season performances of the two teams (and the 16 Green Bay players injured, no doubt) showed that it was the Black and Gold, not Green and Gold, that would take the Lombardi Trophy home this year.

The simulation is from their latest Madden game, Madden 11. The Madden simulations have picked six out of the past seven Super Bowl champs (the lone miss being the New York Giants’ upset of the New England Patriots). This year they are calling for Pittsburgh to beat Green Bay 24-20.

From USA Today’s Game Hunters blog:

The results? The Steelers hang on to defeat the Green Bay Packers 24-20, thanks to a late interception by Aaron Rodgers in the closing moments.

Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace finished as the Super Bowl MVP with five catches for 111 yards and the game-winning touchdown.

Speaking as an unbiased journalist, this is a prediction that could very well come true. But speaking as a 100 per cent biased Packers fan, this a load of crap. You dropped the ball, EA; should’ve stuck with the initial simulation, and the true winners, the Green Bay Packers.