Edmonton Startup Receives Second Round of Funding from VA Angels

VA Angels has invested in Edmonton-based bio-technology startup Innovative Trauma Care’s second round of fundraising, bringing the angel group’s total investment in the company to $1.1 million.

VA Angels has participated in every funding round that Innovative Trauma Care has had since its inception. The purpose of this funding round is to expand sales and marketing efforts, the startup says, as well as fully commercialize the product, reduce the cost of goods, and move the company towards a profitability position.

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“VA Angels is incredibly proud of the fact that we have been investors in every round of this great company since its inception” says R. Stewart Thompson, CEO of VA Angels. “Innovative Trauma Care is one of our flagship investments, and we are very excited to see what happens next.”

“From the earliest beginnings of Innovative Trauma Care, the VA Angels have served as mentors and directors, as well as funders, and have been integral in establishing the board of directors and setting the company’s strategic path to success,” said retired commander Dennis Filips, founder of Innovative Trauma Care.

Innovative Trauma Care is an early stage medical device company focused on developing and marketing point of injury solutions to address the common causes of preventable death in traumatic injury scenarios. It was founded in Edmonton in 2010.

VA Angels was established in 2003 and has done 57 deals for a combined $28.3 million.