Edmonton’s Mover Raises $1 Million

Mover, an online platform for moving files, today raised $1 million in seed funding from a range of Canadian and US investors.

The Edmonton-based startup received funding from Double M Partners, Yaletown Venture Partners, Amplify, Medra Capital, as well as angel investors Jarl Mohn, Rick Barry of Quant Ventures, and Dennis Phelps.

Mover, which is a Growlab alumni, says the storage management market is on track to be a $50 billion industry. “The integration of cloud services is at a key tipping point and we believe Mover can establish itself as a core building block of cloud data management,” says Eric Bukovinsky of Yaletown Venture Partners.

“After the initial wave of cloud adoption the concept of data gravity, where the more data a company has the harder it is to move, is a growing concern for new and incumbent cloud storage users,” remarked Mark Fossen, Mover’s co-founder and CIO.

Mover has transferred more than 300 million files since its inception less than one year ago and performs close to 5,000 transfers each day.

“We are very pleased to have such a strong group of investors,” says Eric Warnke, CEO and cofounder of Mover. “This financing enables us to accelerate our efforts as a market leader in solving enterprise-sized data migration problems.”