Element AI Joins MIT’s Systems That Learn Initiative

One of the most prominent AI companies in Canada is joining forces with a premier university in the United States.

Montreal’s Element AI is joining MIT’s Systems That Learn initiative. The new program was created by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), one of the most recognizable AI education spaces in the world. CSAIL is responsible for multiple breakthrough AI technologies, including everything from artificial robot muscles to predictive recipe technology.

Other members of the Systems That Learn initiative include Microsoft, Salesforce and Scotiabank.

Systems That Learn is described as “a new MIT research initiative to accelerate the development, deployment, and evolution of large-scale software systems that incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence,” according to a release. It is designed to help the skilled researchers and thought-leaders from CSAIL connect with businesses partners from some of the biggest and innovative companies in North America.

The educational experts will leverage their knowledge of machine learning and other AI functions to help these and other businesses solve problems based around scaling and introducing new tech into their platforms.

By joining Systems That Learn, Element AI will gain access to some of the cutting-edge projects CSAIL is currently undertaking, allowing both of the organizations to learn and grow together.

“This collaboration was an obvious fit for us, as it aligns perfectly with our mission to democratize AI and develop AI for Good,” wrote Element AI in a statement, perhaps referencing a campaign the company took part in earlier this year decrying research into killer AI robots.

“We already collaborate with an ever-growing faculty network of research professors to advance the state of AI. We’re looking forward to seeing what type of groundbreaking advances in AI technology this group can achieve.”

Another positive of Element AI and other companies joining the initiative is access to additional research groups through CSAIL’s Alliance Program, including cybersecurity, big data and information policies. Companies could also connect with students and researchers in an attempt to hire new talent in the extremely competitive AI field.

It has been quite the year for Element AI. The company raised a $102 million USD Series A in June, became advisors to a $45 million Korean AI fund in November, joined a global AI partnership in November as well, and most recently were named to the global AI 100 by CB Insights.