Elon Musk Explains Plan to Merge Human Brains with Computers

Elon Musk is indeed moving forward with his latest venture, Neuralink.

The billionaire entrepreneur confirmed this week that he will be the CEO of the company, which carries the goal of merging computers with brains.

Musk went into extreme detail of Neuralink’s plan with Tim Urban, a writer for Wait But Why. In the 35,000-word article, he shows why he believes in an ambitious concept: that we could operate two brains and would be better off so. In fact, he believes it may be necessary in order for us to keep up with our own advances in artificial intelligence.

“If you have two brain interfaces, you could actually do an uncompressed direct conceptual communication with another person,” Musk told Urban, like beaming content into another brain instead of having to describe it vocally or textually.

He believes this technology could exist inside of a decade, but tall tasks—such as converting brain signals to digital signals—lie ahead.

We expect Musk will be very busy this year as he intends to keep his roles as the head of Tesla and SpaceX, which are both still growing rapidly.