“Positive on Renewables”: Elon Musk Optimistic About Donald Trump’s Take on Cleantech

Elon Musk is optimistic about Donald Trump. The Tesla CEO, who has joined Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum, believes the President-elect will take the correct stance on renewable energy.

Musk, who last month attended a tech meeting with Trump, says “we may see some surprising things from the next administration,” according to investors quoted in Electrek.

Musk, who has access to Trump that most don’t, added he “may be positive on renewables,” an encouraging sign that the new President will not get in the way of Tesla’s clean energy ambitions.

Tesla, which currently employs 30,000 people, is building so-called “gigafactories” across the US to mass-manufacture monster batteries for cars and homes. The company, which last year acquired SolarCity, is also developing solar-powered roof tiles.

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