Elon Musk’s Latest Venture, Neuralink, Aims to Merge Computers with Humans

Serial entrepreneur Elon Musk is at it again with a new venture called Neuralink Corp, which wants to merge computers with human brains to advance intelligence.

A report from the Wall Street Journal suggests the company’s technology—which Musk has dubbed “neural lace”—implants tiny brain electrodes that upload and download thoughts. Or so the theory goes, anyway.

The future-focused businessman launched Neuralink despite his current companies, Tesla and SpaceX, thriving and keeping him busy. That’s on top of the ambitions he’s pushing through SolarCity, which Tesla acquired last year, and Hyperloop, which hopes to revolutionize rapid transportation between cities.

Musk believes artificial intelligence will leave human minds in the dust rather quickly if we do not accelerate our own rate of learning.

According to the WSJ, Neuralink is actively hiring engineers and researchers as it builds out a team capable of fulfilling Musk’s vision. He believes that brain surgery involving embedded technology is only five years away.

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