Employees to Uber Board: Travis Kalanick is ‘Critical to Our Future Success’

Investors pressured Travis Kalanick into resigning from his role as CEO of Uber, but many employees feel strongly that, despite the many scandals the company has endured under Kalanick’s reign, he is a necessary component of Uber’s DNA.

Well over a thousand current Uber employees signed a letter that describes the infamous executive as “critical to our future success.”

The letter, first reported by Axios, says that the letter’s popularity among staffers went viral, accumulating signatures in the four digits within 12 hours of Kalanick’s resignation.

Quoth the letter:

Travis should return to Uber in an operational role. . . .  As the folks who’ve actually worked alongside Travis for years to help create Uber from nothing, we are extremely disappointed by the short-sightedness and pure self-interest demonstrated by those who are supposed to protect the long-term interests of our company.


The letter goes on to say that, while Travis is “flawed,” his “passion, vision, and dedication to Uber are simply unmatched.”