Equipping Women in Shelters with the Tools They Need to Build Skill Sets, Careers in Tech

Hubba and Ladies Learning Code have joined forces on International Women’s Day to launch a pilot program in partnership with Nellie’s to help homeless women work toward careers in technology.

The idea hails from Toronto’s Hubba, specifically from the company’s human resources head, Stephanie Little. She grew up in women’s shelters and thus can appreciate first-hand the important role they play.

Meanwhile, the folks at Nellie’s—which provides shelter and education for women and children—have come to realize there is interest from women and girls in learning development and coding skills to help them land jobs. Enter Toronto-based Ladies Learning Code, an organization dedicated to providing that exact demographic with those exact skills.

The pilot program will aim to remove barriers of entry for women to enter tech, equipping them with the resources to build skill sets they might not otherwise be able to access while living in shelters.

“We think it’s important to do what we can to offer opportunities for women to acquire and grow their digital literacy skills in a safe and supportive environment,” says Hubba.

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