An ‘Uber for Contractors,’ eRenovate Helps Canadians Tackle Home Improvement Projects

Erenovate is Canada’s first and only free mobile app that connects homeowners directly with licensed and insured contractors for home improvement projects.

Using this “Uber for contractors,” homeowners take photos or video of their projects and receive estimates from professionals who have been verified by the Toronto-based eRenovate.

“The search for a contractor can be an overwhelming experience,” says Tom Cordeiro, founder of eRenovate. “Many people have no idea where to begin their search, let alone how to check a contractor’s credentials or their past experience. eRenovate was created to provide a sense of confidence and convenience to time‐strapped homeowners.”

Billed as Canada’s highest verification standard, every Verified by eRenovate contractor must have been operating for at least three years, have provided proof of insurance and licensing and have confirmed their WSIB and HST/CRA registration.

eRenovate is free for consumers. Professionals pay an annual subscription fee to be part of the service once they’ve passed the verification process.

eRenovate is currently available in Toronto and Ottawa, with plans for expansion to other Canadian cities soon.

All projects are anonymously posted, ensuring only the project details get matched to highly‐qualified contractors in the homeowner’s area.