Esight Drops Price Nearly 40 Per Cent to Offer More Accessibility

One of Canada’s most innovative hardware companies has announced a new price change in order to get their product into the hands of customers who need it the most.

Esight has announced a price drop of their flagship eSight 3 glasses from $9,500 to $5,950 (all prices USD), representing a 37 per cent decrease. The eSight 3 allows low-vision wearers to see again through a proprietary wearable that uses external cameras and clinically-validated technology. This price drop was announced at CES in Las Vegas.

“Due to our strong momentum, particularly from a user growth perspective, the cost of producing our electronic glasses has fallen considerably,” said Dr. Brian Mech, president and CEO of eSight. “We know that enhanced vision means very little without true mobility. With this in mind, we are excited to cement ourselves as leaders in our industry by positioning a technology that is vastly superior to other wearables for the visually impaired -particularly in how it enables mobility in nearly all activities of daily living -at its most affordable price point.”

The eSight 3 launched in 2017 and made it onto the list of that year’s best inventions as named by TIME Magazine. There are several competitors for eSight on the market, but the Toronto-based company states that its product offers the best mobility-driven solution at its price point. Due to eSight’s differentiated product offering, this kind of price drop was possible.

Currently, the newly-reduced is available in over 45 countries and eSight has offices in both the U.S. and Europe. This price drop represents the most significant one in the company’s history and is a decided push to become more friendly with benefits providers as well as other public and private institutions looking to cover its costs for wearers. This price drop is also in-line with eSight’s pledge to eradicate blindness by 2020, a bold claim, though one made a bit easier by drops like this.