Vancouver Startup ethicalDeal Honoured with ‘Best Online Marketer’ Award

Vancouver-based eco-marketing company ethicalDeal has gone from a personal vision to a reality in two years as it was this week crowned the winner of Small Business B.C.’s best online marketer at the 10th annual Successful You Awards on Thursday.

The startup is a daily deals company for eco-goods, offering promotions on greener choices ranging from organic skincare to eco-cleaners.

“I am convinced that business has the power to change the world for the better and this award demonstrates that you can profit with purpose,” says Founding CEO Annalea Krebs, noting that the award is representative of a greater movement for change.

The young entrepreneur says that the award was a “huge achievement,” but also merely a springboard for bigger things in the future.



“We want to be on the international stage,” she explains. “We’ve heard demands from California, Seattle, New York, and while that may seem aggressive now, our goal to make green mainstream requires a radical shift in thinking and we have the model to help people discover that change.”

Another technology company, ReStoring Data, won Best Company. The software services startup provides all-encompassing data recovery solutions, specializing in the retrieval of critical data from desktop and notebook hard disk drives, RAID arrays, memory cards, and USB flash drives.