Every Day Can be Draft Day with Fantasy Feud

With more major league franchises than any other Canadian city, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Toronto is home to the most sports-related startups.

Fantasy Feud has got our attention. One month out of beta, Fantasy Feud is a platform built for the avid fantasy sports enthusiasts.

Until now, fantasy sports has been limited to getting together with friends online or in person to pick players for a season long pool. Whether it be hockey, football, baseball, or basketball usually after a couple months half of the participants have lost interest while those in contention follow a little too closely.

With Fantasy Feud users can put their skills to the test against other fantasy sports enthusiasts and play for profit. Instead of season long pools, Fantasy Feud’s leagues are daily or weekly and provide users with instant gratification.

Borrowing from the online poker world, Fantasy Feud users enter the “lobby” where they can choose what sport they wish to participate in, how many users they want to compete against, and whether they want to play for free or for cash prizes.