Facebook adds new security features including remote logouts, one-use mobile passwords, and more

Today, roll-out begins for a slew of new Facebook features, all of which revolve around the security of users’ accounts.

Remote logouts. It’s nothing new – Google and others have had it for a while – but Facebook has now empowered forgetful users with the ability to logout of their accounts remotely.

Activity monitoring. Again, nothing groundbreaking, but useful nonetheless. Facebook now lets you track your recent login and logout activity (including location information) in your Account Settings page. It also identifies the device uses to access the account.

One-use passwords. If you text “otp” to FBOOK (32665), you will receive a one-time password. With 20-minutes to use it for a login, this disposable password lets you access Facebook from a public computer and not worry about anyone hacking you from it later. It’s neat, but I wouldn’t quite call it “genius,” “brilliant,” and “very, very smart” as TechCrunch has.