Facebook and Presumed Relevancy

As part of his Social Media Week (Toronto) and Refresh Events presentation, Scott Stratten stressed the importance of social media in helping company’s and people staying relevant to their audience.  One of the things Scott covered was that in order to be relevant one must first engage and make “social deposits”.  Only then can businesses or people make withdrawals from their social media bank account.

In explaining the relevancy and importance of using social media to engage in conversations, Scott (with a little help from his friend) revealed Facebook’s new status update procedure.  It’s something he calls “Presumed Relevancy”.  In short, Facebook will show conversations and status updates that are being commented on and talked about (engaging) over comments that many people refer to as noise.

Watch the video to learn more about this. (Presumed Relevancy comes up at the 7 minute mark of the video but the discussion prior is very valuable):


What are your thoughts about this change? Will companies and people change the way they use Facebook and other social media tools as a result?  Will you change?