Facebook Launches M, an AI-Powered Digital Assistant for Messenger

Facebook this week officially rolled out M to US users. M is a digital assistant powered by artificial intelligence first unveiled by Facebook as a pilot project in 2015.

M operates inside of Messenger, the company’s chat-based communications platform with more than one billion daily users.

“M offers suggestions by popping into an open conversation to suggest relevant content and capabilities to enrich the way people communicate and get things done,” explains Laurent Landowski, a product manager for Messenger.

Some of the tasks M can complete for users include sending stickers, transferring money, sharing location, starting polls, and hailing rides.

“We are bringing the power of M’s AI technology to support and enhance the Messenger experience and make it more useful, personal and seamless,” says Kemal El Moujahid, a product manager for Messenger. “M learns: the more you use it, the more it can help.”

M will “eventually” roll out to other countries, according to Landowski.

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