Facebookers Have Shuffled Through 50 Billion Statuses Using Canada-born Status Shuffle

Toronto-based Status Shuffle revealed today that folks have used the company’s service to set their Facebook status 500 million times over the last five years.

The Canadian startup, which has more than three million Likes on Facebook, says that users have shuffled through statuses a staggering 50 billion times.

“Hitting these milestones is proof that people love using Status Shuffle to help find the perfect status,” says Oz Solomon, Social Graph Studios’  CEO. “People use Status Shuffle because it’s fun to browse through our database of community-moderated statuses. Status Shuffle has millions of funny, poignant and relevant statuses for people to choose from.”

The company, which boasts nearly three million unique monthly active users on Facebook, also announced that it has updated its iPhone app. The new app features “streamlined navigation” and support for the iPhone 5’s larger display.

According to Status Shuffle, people have set their status, voted on statuses, shared statuses, or saved a status as a favorite more than 1.6 billion times using the product.

“The social and mobile experiences are converging. We are proud to be at the front of this disruptive change. We understand how to make great apps,” added Solomon.

Status Shuffle is a product of Social Graph Studios, which was founded in Toronto in 2007.