Farm At Hand is Taking Farm Management to the Cloud

News on the upcoming GrowLab cohort is slowly leaking as accepted startups update their AngelList profiles and move into office space in Gastown. One of those companies is Farm At Hand from Saskatchewan.

Farm At Hand is a multi-platform cloud-based farm management program that allows farmers to update and track everything on their farm from seed to sale: production activities, inventory, contracts, deliveries and equipment management.  

With the general trend of farm consolidation, the number of farms is going down but the size of farming operation is going up. This is mounting pressure on farmers to be more productive and efficient.

Farm At Hand lets producers manage what they are doing in the field (seeding, spraying, harvest, etc.), to what they have in their storage bins, their contracts and deliveries, in addition to equipment management.

This same data entered by the farmers is data required by agricultural businesses to provide their services and Farm At Hand also provide the platform for the real time exchange of that information.  

Cofounded by Saskatchewan natives Kim Keller and Himanshu Singh, Farm At Hand is taking farm management from the dusty notebook to the cloud. 

Keller, an active farmer, told Techvibes, “Attending GrowLab is an amazing opportunity for us to learn not only from the mentors at GrowLab, but also the other companies around us. We wanted to be able to take full advantage of the program so we picked up and moved our company from Saskatoon to Vancouver.”