Farm + Land Wants to Connect Entrepreneurs and Creatives in Outdoor Settings

Farm + Land is a new company founded by serial entrepreneurs and outdoor experts that plans to launch a series of outdoor retreats for creatives and remote workers.

The initial wave of retreats—slated for New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco—will feature local dining fare and unique lodging options with a schedule of activities including wilderness survival classes, tiny house-building demonstrations, and farming workshops.

The retreat spaces will also act as an “office, classroom, and community away from the city,” according to CEO Freddie Pikovsky. Which means that yes, wifi and charging stations will be readily available for those who wish to remain connected.

“Now more than ever we crave the need to get back to nature; statistically Americans are spending 10 hours a day looking at their screens,” notes Pikovsky.

Farm + Land wants to be “a membership-based outdoor living and working space near every major city in the country,” he adds. “As the freelancing and remote working force grows, there is more flexibility for people to work from wherever they want.”

The first such retreat launches in New York September.

“Our goal is to make it easy, affordable, and flexible for urban dwellers to routinely have their quiet place in nature, even during the workweek,” says Pikovsky. “We want to get people back in touch with the outdoors to learn about conservation, sustainability, and the environment hands-on.”