Ferst Digital Launches Platform That Makes Incorporation Easier

Starting your business should be easy.

At least that’s what Ferst Digital co-founder and CEO Eytan Bensoussan thinks.

API-enabled banking platform Ferst Digital has launched Incorporate In Canada, a platform for entrepreneurs to easily incorporate their businesses in Canada and registered in five provinces.

Incorporate In Canada is a free-to-use platform where the user only pays the government fees associated with incorporation.

Users submit their new company information information on the platform in less than 10 minutes and their incorporation is processed within 2 business days.

Once that is done, users can browse an informative library to help guide them through key steps like finding a good startup lawyer, ordering minute books, and trademark registration.

“We’re building a new way to start and run a business in Canada. In the case of incorporation, government websites can be time consuming to navigate and lawyers can be costly. As part of our mission to empower Canadian small businesses, we decided that offering Canadian incorporation-as-a-service would have an immediate impact for Canadian entrepreneurs,” continues Bensoussan.

“Canada ranks 2nd in the world in entrepreneurship,” said Bensoussan, “we wanted to create a tool that offers this emerging class of digital-native Canadian business builders a platform that is as smart and intuitive as the other tools they use in every other aspect of their business like Google Analytics or Slack.”