Ferst Digital Rebrands to NorthOne and Launches Bank Account Hero

Ferst Digital has rebranded to become NorthOne.

The new name represents a mission to help businesses find their full potential—or north star, in more romantic terms. NorthOne does this by providing a financial management hub through their simple and mobile business banking platform.

Along with the rebranding, NorthOne has released Business Bank Account Hero, a free to use platform that lets Canadian entrepreneurs compare the cost of different bank accounts based on how a company will utilize that bank. In less than five minutes, a user can see what small business bank account from Canada’s big five is most effective for them.

“We’ve spoken to over 150 small businesses around Canada and many of them felt disempowered and vulnerable when it came to choosing the right bank account for their business” said NorthOne founder and CEO Eytan Bensoussan.

“Account types can be extremely hard to compare and can leave small business owners on the hook for significantly more than planned after fees and penalties. As part of our mission to empower Canadian small businesses, we built Business Bank Account Hero to save entrepreneurs money and time by making it easy to choose the best bank account for their business,” he added.

Business Bank Account Hero uses basic operational information about a company then calculates estimated monthly costs across every kind of account that organization can sign up for. From there, the user can click through to one of the big five banks (BMO, CIBC, TD, RBC and Scotiabank) and sign up right away.

NorthOne focuses primarily on startups and small businesses, catering to their unique needs around saving money but thinking big at the same time. Often times team members on these small companies may not have a wealth of financial knowledge and no plans to hire a team in the near future, so platforms like NorthOne allow the organization to take a little bit of time away from busy work and focus on growth and content.

Earlier this year as Ferst Digital the company launched a platform for entrepreneurs to easily incorporate their business in Canada.