Figure 1 Monetizes App with Promoted Content to Fund Platform Upgrades

Figure 1 is rolling out sponsored programs in the coming weeks with a blue-chip group of public health agencies, medical device manufacturers, academic institutions, and pharmaceutical companies.

The healthcare app says the business strategy that will both improve today’s user experience while funding the company’s plans to connect all of global healthcare.

Through promoted content, Figure 1 says it will help top-tier partners share targeted educational content on the platform.

“This business model will directly fund the continuous improvement of our platform,” said Dr. Joshua Landy, cofounder of Figure 1. “Our world-class team of engineers is now working on technologies that will help our community—healthcare’s best—deliver even better care.”

Companies will be able to sponsor educational campaigns around, for example, rare diseases that the Figure 1 community and their patients will benefit from knowing more about.

“We will ensure sponsored content makes up a controlled part of the Figure 1 experience,” said Dr. Joshua Landy. “And we know that sponsored content will only work if it’s genuinely interesting to healthcare professionals, so we will continue to listen carefully to their feedback about what they’re seeing on Figure 1.”

Figure 1 was created so that every medical professional in the world could have free access to healthcare’s brightest minds no matter where they practice. This new strategy aims to build a business to support that mission, so the network can reach even more physicians and nurses around the world with an even better platform.

Figure 1 was the winner of Social Impact of the Year at the 2017 Canadian Startup Awards.