Figure 1 Reaches User Milestone as Company Sees International Growth

Figure 1 announced today that one million healthcare professionals have viewed medical cases on the platform more than two billion times.

The free app, built in Toronto, offers a community for healthcare professionals and medical students to search and access cases and offer their own expertise on other cases. The company says it “aspires to be the central nervous system of global healthcare.”

“Since we launched Figure 1 three years ago, we have experienced tremendous growth and momentum,” said Dr. Joshua Landy, cofounder. “Reaching more than one million users is a meaningful step toward our goal of democratizing medical knowledge.”

Key to the company’s recent growth has been Brazil, where there more than 100,000 users on the platform, making it Figure 1’s second-biggest market after the US.

“The global demand for Figure 1 shows how important immediate collaboration is for the healthcare community, and we couldn’t be happier to see medical professionals and students come together on the platform to improve their practice,” says Landy. At Figure 1, we strongly believe that every patient deserves the best care, no matter their location or resources.”

Landy has a strong outlook for 2017, saying the growth will continue.