Financeit Launches Next-Generation, Point-of-Sale Financing Platform

Financeit this week launched Financeit Direct, a direct-to-consumer financing platform.

While point-of-sale financing has traditionally been a complicated and paperwork-heavy process only accessible to large merchants, Financeit Direct is mobile-enabled and fully paperless.

“Our merchant partners and their customers want financing options, but they don’t want programs that are complicated or time-consuming,” says Michael Garrity, CEO, Financeit.”With Financeit Direct, we’ve developed the next generation of financing.”-

With Financeit Direct, service providers retain control of the sale but can invite their customers by email or text to participate in the application anytime, anywhere.

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“Throughout beta testing, merchants described Financeit Direct as a revolutionary tool that can be customized for their work schedules and routines,” says Garrity. “Consumers love the quick and easy application process and the added privacy and security, along with Financeit’s competitive interest rates.”

Consumers get instant credit decisions, fair rates and full transparency during the financing process via their own devices, and are then able to work directly with Financeit throughout the loan period.

“We offer our merchant partners and their customers the best of both worlds,” says Paul Sehr, Chief Technology Officer, Financeit. “It’s the first point-of-sale financing platform to take full advantage of the mobile revolution that has put a supercomputer in everyone’s pocket.”

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