Find deals on your iPhone with Gazaro Deals

Looking for the best deal on some gadgets for some last minute holiday shopping? Or maybe hoping to make it easier to find the best discounts following the holiday rush?

Ottawa’s Gazaro has an app for that.

Gazaro Deals brings the company’s AI technology that analyzes price trends and ranks deals on a ten-point scale to find the best deals on products to the iPhone and adds some extra features.

A user can look up a specific product, find out not only where the best deal but the distance to the store, the store hours and the phone number in case someone wants to call ahead to request an item be held.

Gazaro Deals also provides a “live deals feed” for impulse shoppers, as well as charts to show the history of price changes for a given product.

Finally, the iPhone is integrated with Twitter, allowing a user to share good deals with their followers.

The app was developed by another Ottawa-based start-up, Select Start Studios.

For Canadian users, Gazaro Deals pulls in prices from Best Buy, Future Shop, CostCo, and The Source while American users get access to Amazon prices along with several other retailers.

Gazaro Deals is available from the iTunes app store for $0.99