Finn.AI and Voleo Named Best in Show at Finovate

Fintech continues to drive innovation across all borders as two Canadian companies were named “best in show” at the recent Finovate conference in New York City.

The Vancouver-based Voleo provides a social trading app that makes it simple for customers to invest together. Also out of Vancouver, Finn.AI created a virtual banking assistant powered by AI that makes everyday banking a breeze.

“I think the good thing about banking is that there’s a lot of opportunities to be innovative,” explains Finn.AI CEO Jake Tyler. “Banking, unfortunately, lags a lot of other places in terms of the digital experience and now they’re starting to finally catch up.”

Fall is the season for technology conferences and tons of companies are stepping up to put themselves on the line and stand out from the competition. Finn.AI and Voleo both distinguished themselves from over 70 companies and were awarded best in show as judged by attendees to the Finovate conference. These are the groups that will continue to define the industry and point the world in the right direction for financial innovation.

“It’s great recognition for us, but also to show how powerful AI personal assistants are to banks and to the accompanying areas,” says Tyler. “We were very happy to share the stage with Voleo as well.”

Finn.AI has created a chatbot that makes almost every aspect of banking easier for the end-consumer. You will be able to check statements, make balance inquiries and more over Facebook Messenger, text or other mobile apps.

Unveiled at Finovate was the ability to seamlessly choreograph an interaction between Finn.AI’s conversational assistant and a human care agent at a bank. This results in a contextual exchanging of information and ideas and helps to bridge that “human touch” problem that many AI and chatbot technologies encounter.

“I think you’ll see conversational agents change the way people bank in a short period of time,” says Tyler. “It is much simpler and very familiar to people as everyone knows how to chat, whether it is voice or text.”

Keep an eye out for Finn.AI as they hit a slew of events and conferences over the next two months, including Sibos in Toronto, The FIntech Forum in Montreal, Money 20/20 in Las Vegas and BankAI in Boston. It’s a busy time to be in the fintech AI field.