CanadaHelps, FundRazr, Invisor, Mylo & Zensurance

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FintechLogos_v3November43CanadaHelps is a charitable social enterprise. For Canadians, it offers a one-stop shop for donating or fundraising online for any registered Canadian charity. For charities, it provides a secure online fundraising platform so all charities have access to digital fundraising tools.

Recipient of the EY 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year Special Citation for Social Enterprise, CanadaHelps facilitated over $125 million in donations last year alone. Over 17,000 charities rely on its platform and over 1.3 million Canadians have donated using CanadaHelps.

And PayPal will add 1% to donations made with PayPal to charities through CanadaHelps between now and December 31.


FintechLogos_v3November45Trusted by nearly 5,000 non-profits from global organizations to local volunteer groups, alongside countless personal causes, FundRazr’s comprehensive cloud-based solution makes it easy to maximize donor reach, mobilize volunteers, and steward loyal supporters, while providing unmatched visibility and value to corporate sponsors.

FundRazr combines the best techniques of peer-to-peer fundraising with the innovation of world-leading crowdfunding technology. This means more efficiencies for time-starved staff, more secure and sustainable revenue growth, and greater value for partners and sponsors. With over $90 million raised to date, FundRazr’s platform has the proven power to deliver big results – without requiring big resources.


FintechLogos_v3November44Do you ever wonder exactly how long and how much money it would take to save for a big goal, such as buying a home or retiring? Toronto’s Invisor has launched a new online goal-setting experience called InvisorGPS that will make it easier to not only set their financial goals, but also track progress toward meeting them.

The digital platform now includes a free life and health insurance needs analysis, which can help clients find appropriate coverage at the best rate. The services are available to all clients, whether or not they have opened an investment account with Invisor, and there is no minimum investment amount required.


FintechLogos_v3November41Mylo is the first ever application in Canada that helps users accomplish their financial goals in a simple and personal way by automating the saving and investing process while providing insights which helps users optimize their financial choices.

Mylo automatically rounds up every purchase you make and invests that spare change towards one of your goals. Spend $3.25 on a coffee at Starbucks; Mylo automatically rounds it up to $4.00 and invests that 75 cents for you. Mylo turns your spending habits, into saving habits. Smart.


FintechLogos_v3November42Zensurance’s goal is to simplify and streamline the entire insurance quote, purchase, manage and claim process for small businesses.  The Toronto-based startup was the recent winner of The Next Big Idea in FinTech competition, a program launched in partnership with BMO and the Ryerson DMZ.

Zensurance announced this week that they have closed a $1 million seed round led by Ferst Capital Partners. It’s been quite a month for the young company—they were also named one of the Top 20 Innovative Technology Companies of 2016 by the Canadian Innovation Exchange.

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