Fintros Joins Techstars and Launches in U.S. with New Investment

As the AI scene in Canada continues to shine, many of the companies here are looking to extend their reach and find new audiences outside of their home country.

Fintros has done just that with the announcement of their launch into the U.S. and their entrance into the Techstars Accelerator Program in New York City. Along with these two new announcements, Fintros has also secured an investment from Barclays Bank, the title sponsor for their cohort in New York.

The Toronto-based company uses AI to replace typical job boards and external recruiters to create on-demand passive talent for specific finance clients, which explains why Barclays took a keen interest in the young startup. With this entrance into Techstars, Fintros will open up a new space in Manhattan.

“Fintros has quickly become the most powerful tool since the invention of the resume to allow currently employed talent to safely explore new opportunities for work, while at work,” says Jonathan Garbe, co-founder of Fintros.

“We couldn’t be more excited to launch in the U.S. as our technology is on pace to completely replace how people find jobs. The Fintros platform creates career optionality for business leaders who secretly are curious about career opportunities.”

The Fintros platform places an emphasis on anonymity, so the career-curious can explore what is out there without having to worry about their current employer catching up with their search for a new path. So far, the company has helped tens of thousands of professionals prepare themselves for what a new job search will entail. Fintros will take the qualifications and experience of a potential employee, anonymize and encrypt it, then prepare it to send to a potential new hire. This process can also lead to improved diversity and inclusivity within target companies.

“Our AI-platform powered by Topic Modelling and Reinforcement Learning instantly anonymizes and obscures candidate profile information,” said Sloan Galler, co-founder of Fintros. “By anonymizing candidate identities, our technology allows users to automate incoming career opportunities while remaining completely discrete to protect their current work employment.”

Fintros has resulted in hires at all levels of financial work, from managing directors to partners.