Fleet Complete Continues Northern Europe Expansion with Ecofleet Acquisition

A well-known Canadian IoT and connected car company is continuing their expansion throughout Europe.

Fleet Complete announced the acquisition of the Copenhagen-based Ecofleet to further expand their offerings in the Nordic and Baltic regions of Europe. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Ecofleet’s 80,000-plus subscribers will grow the Toronto-based Fleet Complete’s European customer base to over 110,000, and their total customer base to over 400,000.

Ecofleet is a top telematics provider, offering cost-effective mobile asset management solutions throughout Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and over 15 more countries. This is where the majority of Ecofleet’s subscriber base comes from, so through the acquisition, Fleet Complete has direct access into northern Europe. Ecofleet has more than 50 employees working in northern Europe.

“Ecofleet has a tremendous team of professionals, amazing product and innovative technology, which we look forward to incorporating into our global offering,” said Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete. “Leveraging Ecofleet’s immense success and combining it with Fleet Complete’s expansive IoT infrastructure and mobile carrier partnerships, we will be able to establish a powerful global IoT platform that will help more fleet-owning businesses around the world thrive.”

In 2016 Fleet Complete purchase ITmobile and rebranded them to Fleet Complete Europe. That was a much smaller acquisition as ITmobile only has around 1,000 subscribers. With this and the acquisition of BigRoad in March 2017, Fleet Complete has been on a spree when it comes to securing new market verticals and acquiring customers.

Fleet Complete is a global IoT provider of fleet, asset and mobile workforce management solutions. They service over 30,000 businesses worldwide and has massive partnerships with telecom companies in many countries, such as TELUS in Canada, AT&T in the U.S., and T-Mobile in Europe.

The Fleet Complete platform allows for the tracking of several different things. Those running a first response team or who have staff in remote locations can use Fleet Complete to track people, while companies with fleets of vehicles or heavy machinery can track their property and make sure it is all accounted for.

“The combination of Fleet Complete and Ecofleet brings together exceptional product and technological capabilities,” said Stig Lyngsie, COO of Ecofleet. “We are perfectly aligned on our corporate values and internal cultures and, together, we will achieve greater success on the international stage. Both of our companies are customer-centric and continuously invest in innovation.”

Fleet Complete also has other offerings such as their electronic logging device (ELD) and a task tracker. The ELDs alone helped bring the company 30,000 new subscribers in December 2017 alone. Late last year, they also partnered with BlackBerry Radar to further enhance the connected truck market. These partnerships and advances symbolize Fleet Complete’s continued push into the long-haul sector.