FlightHub the Product of Unique Technology Company Momentum Ventures

FlightHub is one of the top online travel agencies in North America.

Founded in 2012, FlightHub is the product of Momentum Ventures, a technology company based in Montreal. Itself launched in 2007, Momentum Ventures has been consistently producing unique businesses thanks to its unique business development model.

Considering themselves anti-venture capitalists, Momentum Ventures produces winning businesses like FlightHub by being extremely observant and mindful of how they push and develop businesses. Momentum Ventures and FlightHub CEO Matt Keezer believes that building businesses based on winning models is the way to go when it comes to online development, saying “we only really look at proven industries that we believe have the capacity to remain highly relevant going forward,” adding “When it comes to FlightHub, we saw the major industry players in online travel and thought there was a real opportunity to build a leaner, more effective online travel agency.”

A major aspect of Momentum Ventures’ strategy is learning the competition. FlightHub reviews the industry competition all the time, not to immediately to drive innovation within itself, but to gather as much research as possible to inform their decision making.

This studying is not limited to just high-level decision making, but developing individual programs within the business that will help it succeed. Keezer says one major example of this is CRM, saying “we have really upped our research into how our rivals handle their email marketing in an effort to understand what works in the online travel industry,” adding ”this has involved consultations with major players in other online industries as we seek to glean the complete picture when it comes to email marketing.”

Other unique factors like Momentum Ventures’ workplace situation, it’s businesses are required to work out of their home office, and their mentorship and logistical support create an environment where online businesses can truly succeed.

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