Food Delivery Firm Will Attempt to Peddle Ice Cream This Summer

Food delivery is a white-hot market for startups these days, but they’re mostly known for delivering your standard fare: burgers, pasta, sushi.

DoorDash, however, will be looking to deliver Baskin-Robbins ice cream this summer. This perilous peddling of quickly melting goodies will span more than 600 stores across the US and provide patrons with milkshakes, sundaes, and cakes following a successful pilot in select cities.

DoorDash, one of the incumbents in the food delivery space, has insulated carriers it considers up to the task of keeping cold desserts in tact. The one exception? No whipped cream. Sorry, folks.

Delivery fees to get spoonfuls of Baskin-Robbins in your hands start at $3, according to the company.

And in a similar move, competitor McDonald’s said this year it plans to partner with Uber’s food delivery arm to push doorstep desserts.

Popular as food delivery has become, the market is saturated and with cutthroat margins, many companies aren’t lasting.