Forget Astrology and Zodiac Signs: Here’s What Your Smartphone Says About Your Love Life

The smartphone you own may say a lot about your love life. According to a new study conducted by online dating site, 75% of Canadians say that email and texting have “significantly improved their dating life” – and, as it turns out, the type of device from which they email and text is a most telling trait indeed.

“The type of phone a person uses can be a window into their personality,” says Kimberly Moffit, Relationship Insider for “More so than zodiac signs or astrology, smartphones are the new way Canadian singles can decode their dating style and determine if they’ve met their match.”

iPhone users are the “office romantics.” They are the most likely to date someone in their workplace – a quarter of iPhone singles have had an office romance in the past five years.

Android users are “seducers.” They’re the most likely to have sex on a first date – 62% say they’ve done so. And Android singles are also the most likely to have a one-night stand. On top of that, they’re by far the most likely to visit an online dating site. Coincidence?

BlackBerry users are dubbed “drunk dialers.” These guys and girls are the most likely to drink alcohol on a first date. As well, they’re suckers for fate: 67% of them say they’ve experienced love at first sight (or maybe they’re just really shallow).

All that being said, Kimberly emphasises that no one should whip out their phone on a date – it’s the number one first date deal breaker. Oh, and take it slow; she also advises waiting for a few dates before friending on Facebook.