Former Destiny Media Executive defects to Yangaroo

The Canadian battle for digital media distribution bragging rights continues with a defection from Vancouver’s Destiny Media to arch-enemy Yangaroo. Toronto’s Yangaroo announced today that Dean Ernst has joined their company as a consultant to market the company’s newly launched state of the art digital delivery system, DMDS 5.0.

Ernst was one of the original founders of what is known today as the Play MPE system and former VP of Operations for Destiny Media Technologies Inc.

“DMDS 5.0 is clearly a superior product in every way,” said Dean Ernst. “I visited YANGAROO’s Development Center in Toronto and saw DMDS 5.0 for myself. I met their development team as well as their fine customer service people and was extremely impressed to say the least. My credibility and reputation is very important to me. I chose to work with YANGAROO because I am confident that DMDS 5.0 is the best product available for my music industry associates. It does everything I wanted Destiny’s Play MPE system to do and much more. It has the added ability to deliver full broadcast quality video with all the same features currently available for audio file delivery. This will truly revolutionize the music industry. I’m happy to be a part of this outstanding team.”

Earlier this month, a day after being granted the U.S. patent for their “Content Distribution System and Method”, Yangaroo filed a claim for patent infringement in US Federal District Court in Wisconsin requesting that the court issue an injunction against Destiny Media.