Fundica Roadshow Offers $1 Million to Most Promising Tech Startup

For its fifth edition, the Fundica Roadshow is partnering up with First Stone Venture Partners to offer an investment award of $1 million to Canada’s most promising startup.

With 10 stops from Halifax to Victoria, a select group of early stage innovators will get a chance to pitch their business to a panel of angels, venture capitalists, banks and government organizations. Winners will be invited to the Grand Finale, where the top Canadian startup will receive a $1 million investment from First Stone Venture Partners.

“Consistently we see highly credible prospects presenting at the Fundica Roadshow,” said Margo Langford, an FSVP partner.

Since 2011, Fundica matches entrepreneurs, private investors, public funders and advisors, through a unique crowdsourcing technology.

“Over the last three years, First Stone Venture Partners has both provided straight advice and over a million dollars in funding to early stage entrepreneurs found on the Fundica Roadshow and through,” said Mike Lee, president of Fundica.

The 2016 Fundica Roadshow brought together 114 pitchers, 124 funders, 102 partners, 105 speakers and over 2,000 participants.

The first three 2017 Fundica Roadshow stops will be in Toronto on February 28, Montreal on March 16 and Ottawa on March 24. Additional stops include Halifax, Waterloo, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria and second stops in Montreal and Toronto. You can register here.