FundRazr Introduces Crowdfunding as a Service

Last week at the GROW Conference Vancouver startup FundRazr moved their newest project out of stealth mode.

FundRazr’s CrowdFunding as a Service Technology (CFaaST) will give customers the ability to run a fully functional crowdfunding service on their own branded site rather on aggregation sites like KickStarter or Indiegogo.

FundRazr CEO Daryl Hatton explains, “We think the primary focus should be on the customer brand and the funding they are enabling. We’ve introduced a lightning-fast SaaS solution to plug, play and fund for brands with massive online customer bases in need of personal or project funding.”

“Currently, people in need of funding visit a multitude of crowdfunding sites. The next meaningful evolution will be not yet another niche platform but a movement powering major online brands and websites globally to create funding and engagement directly on their websites for their customers.”  Hatton commented. He added, “the numerous benefits for partner brands include the brand halo of public good enabled, new content, repeat traffic and heightened community and loyalty.”

The concept seems pretty obvious. Why build your audience and brand on a third party site like Kickstarter when you can do it on your own.

2013 has been good to FundRazr with over $31 Million raised in 18 countries and awards including 2013 TIA Most Promising Startup and as a winner of the Global Adventure competition, sponsored by UK Trade & Investment. Learn more about the FundRazr Story in the video below.