Future of Education: Two Vancouver colleges will make history by giving iPads to over 1,000 new students

CDI College and Vancouver Career College plan to give iPads to new students in September.

That’s over 1,300 iPads, roughly $700,000 worth of Apple’s magical technology. The iPads will come preloaded with the schools’ eTextbooks, “beckoning a new era of light-weight and interactive learning tools.” This bold move is a first of its kind in Canada.

iPads are lighter and more engaging than textbooks, and—somewhat disturbingly—aren’t much more expensive. In fact, a student can easily spend two or three times the cost of an iPad in textbooks and related materials throughout their college education. And with virtually all post-secondary institutions offering free wifi to students, the tools they’re being equipped with for learning are more powerful than ever before.

The future of education? Undoubtedly.

EDIT: School corrected to Vancouver Career College.