Gather Round Creative Technology, Art and Design

In Alberta, we were able to take in some fresh air recently with the New Democrats turning our horizon orange — a curtain was lifted — and with it the feeling of hope was re-introduced. Now unless you’re a robot, you must’ve felt that too, that feeling of new opportunities made possible by the slightest change in the political winds.

Sometimes winds can blow in smoke from hundreds and thousands of kilometers away that raise advisory warnings and amazing red moons; other times they bring with them a fluctuating dollar that favours Americans visiting Canada rather than the other way around.

The winds brought another change to Alberta last year with the introduction of CAMP Festival in partnership with FITC. For a couple of days, the handcuffs of hierarchy and titles turned to dust, restrictions burned up in the flames, and all that was left was an honest and creative convergence of like-minded professionals, artists, and students sharing and shaping experiences that educate, challenge and inspire. Oh, and beer. Plenty of beer.

After a couple of days at CAMP, you’re left feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to take on whatever challenge comes your way. Then, without consciously being aware, the months of crushing it for the man turn into months of chasing light and you feel yourself slipping into a comfortable routine that no longer challenges you. All you’re left with are gasps of smoke. You’re in need of a fix, another injection that was made so easily available to you during two days at CAMP that left you ready to take on the world.

Well, guess what? The embers of creativity, innovation and inspiration are still glowing and are ready to catch fire once more. On September 20, join us at the Marriott hotel for CAMP adventure workshops, including: illustration with Yuko Shimizu; design with Aaron Draplin; going digital with Marc Binkley, Edward Keeble and David Nagy; and a gaming workshop for kids with Stacey Mulcahy.

Afterwards, it’s time to put the routine on hold, lift your head up from the screen, and point your eyes toward the stage at CAMP Festival 2015 where creativity ignites for two days on September 21-22.

Gather round the fire while you watch the flames of inspiration dance all around you. Come take in the sights and sounds of top-tier industry professionals such as Aaron Draplin, Yuko Shimizu, Shantell Martin and many more, as together, we celebrate creative technology, art and design at the intimate and historic Theatre Junction GRAND in downtown Calgary.

If you made it down this far, we applaud you! So much so in fact, that this discount code is made especially for you. Enjoy $50 off the festival ticket price for your enthusiasm with “Techvibes”. See you in September, happy camper!