Gawker Crowdfunding $200,000 to Prove Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Smokes Crack

Rob Ford’s term as the mayor of Toronto has been littered with controversy and bizzare spectacles. This latest one, though, is perhaps the craziest of all.

Gawker is using crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to raise $200,000 to acquire footage of Ford allegedly smoking crack cocaine, speaking homophobic slurs toward other politicians, and other career-razing debauchery. Sound too nuts to be true? Check it out.

According to Gawker’s sources, Ford’s crack dealer services other A-list Torontonians, including other members of his political team, as well as a “prominent hockey analyst.”

The photo’s authenticity is evidenced by the fact that Ford was photographed wearing the same sweatshirt by the National Post recently. Read the full story on Gawker.

UPDATE: Campaign is closing in on $30,000, or 15% of its goal. With 950 funders, the average amount being donated per person is just over $31. Not everyone supports the endeavour, though, such as this online commenter: “Just remember you’ll be handing over a large sum of money to a known drug gang that has murdered Toronto residents intentionally and accidentally, including a member of my family. Definitely cannot support Gawker any longer if you give cash to this person.”

UPDATE II: The campaign is now at more than $50,000, or over 25% of its goal. 2,070 funders have pledged an average of $24. 10 Days remain left on the campaign, suggesting that it will most likely reach its goal.

UPDATE III: The campaign now has 3,000 backers. It’s 35% of the way to its goal with eight days left.

UPDATE IV: Thanks to new perks, including 100 copies of the $25 “Little Book of Rob Ford”—which sold out almost instantly—the campaign has hit $100,000, or 50% of its goal, with six days left.

UPDATE V: The campaign has now raised $163,000, or more than 81% of its goal, with four days left. However, some are now saying the whole thing is a hoax.

UPDATE VI: The campaign has surpased $190,000 from 7,900 backers with 14 hours left to go. It will most likely reach the goal. However, Gawker says that “we have had no further contact with the people we believe to have custody of this video since the last update,” explaining that “our confidence that we can consummate this transaction has diminished.”

UPDATE VII: The campaign has reached its $200,000 goal.