Generation Z is Embracing the Side Hustle, Lists Entrepreneur as Dream Job

It may start with a simple neighbourhood lemonade stand, but youth come by entrepreneurial endeavours quite naturally.

A new study by Intuit Canada suggests that Generation Zs are much more likely than their older cohorts to embrace a “side hustle” to supplement their regular job. Intuit Canada’s latest report titled Generation Z and the Future of Entrepreneurship examined how the shifting economic landscape—and the growth of a gig economy—has in turn altered the attitudes of the up-and-coming generation of workers.

Born from the mid-1990s to now, Intuit found that half of Gen Zs surveyed in Canada said they would consider on-demand work to make extra cash; Uber driving was cited as one example. At 52 per cent, that was nearly double the national average. More so, one in two expressed interest in freelance or on-demand employment for future careers, and 64 per cent would consider entrepreneurship.

It looks like the attitudes of millennials have spilled over to their younger cohort, as Intuit’s research suggested that high salaries and traditional careers weren’t top priorities for Gen Z.

Nine in ten of the post-millennial respondents said they want a career that can offer a good work-life balance and nearly eight in ten said they want to do something that makes a difference. Entrepreneur topped the list of dream careers at 40 per cent, outranking three very traditional careers: doctor (37 per cent), banker (27 per cent) and lawyer (25 per cent).

The occupational interests of Gen Zs coincide with a changing economic landscape. It’s projected that freelancers, independent contractors and on-demand workers will make up 45 per cent of the workforce by 2020.