Seven Incredibly Weird GIFs Nintendo Made to Help Promote Its New ‘Tomodachi Life’ Videogame

To help promote its new (to Canada) videogame “Tomodachi Life,” the ever-eccentric Nintendo published an online quiz that identifies a player’s Mii personality.

The bizarre quiz asks whether you move like a sloth or a squirrel, whether you would tell a friend if they food in their teeth or laugh in their face, and how expressive your selfies are (no option for “I don’t take selfies”).

The final question is the most interesting though: “Your best friend is peeking into your dreams. What do they see?”

Apparently, they are going to see one of the eight following GIFs.


Falling sucks, but resting on a giant falling burger sucks less.


There’s four of you. Now there’s four of you coated in red.


Driving down an unlit road at night. With a bobble head.


You’re sitting in the middle of a room. You are alone. Or are you?


Why lie down when you can follow a red rope to a white bear?


You are now a snail. Who cannot maintain a consistent speed.


This fish doesn’t even bat an eyelid at the fact you’re seaweed.


Godzilla has nothing on these four giant heads.