Holiday Gift Roundup: A Little Bit of Tech for Everyone

There’s still plenty of time to shop for the holidays. This Christmas tech is poised to be one of the hottest consumer categories. In fact, we contend that you can buy something for everyone on your list from a single big-box tech retailer, like Future Shop.

Below we highlight some of our favourite tech gift ideas for 2014.

Jawbone UP24. Available in three sizes across a variety of colours, including pink and orange, the UP24 is the simplest way to track both your activity during the day and your sleep during the night.

For $159, this fashionable wrist accessory syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth, but is capable of storing multiple months of data on its own—so if you don’t need real-time feedback, you can save your phone’s battery life, or even leave it in the locker room while workng out at the gym. How considerate of Jawbone.

TomTom Runner GPS Watch. This limited-edition runner’s watch, made by GPS company TomTom, offers great value at $139. This stylish digital timepiece supplies detailed running metrics to keep an eye on your goals and train more effectively.

With vibration alerts, indoor tracking for treadmills, and instant syncing and sharing, you’re always on top of your targets with this TomTom watch—which is great, because we know that getting in better shape is on your list of resolutions for 2015 (right?).

Muse headband. It’s going to be 2015 soon, and it’s time to start acting like it. Embracing the future includes tracking our brainwaves with a sleek headband, obviously. And the Canadian-born Muse does it best. For $299, Muse works out your brain, and that’s just as important as honing your body.

This slick headpiece detects brain signals while you complete focused-attention exercises, which provides valuable feedback so you can see how your brain works. It’s a procedure that helps improve focus, composure, and stress response. Now that’s priceless.

Proteus Core gaming mouse. Alright, enough training. Let your body and brain relax while indulging in some good old-fashioned computer games. The wannabe-pro-gamer in your life will surely appreciate a Proteus Core gaming mouse. Built by Logitech, the Proteus Core is a wireless, customizable mouse capable of being tuned for weight, balance, and tracking purposes.

For $79, the Proteus Core delivers the  accuracy, precision, and responsiveness gamers need to kick ass—or browse the web. After all, cat videos are fun too.

Disclosure: These awesome gift ideas were inspired by our friends at Future Shop.