The Wearable Tech Canadians Want Under Their Tree This Christmas

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Wearables are the not new thing and whether you think they’re just the fad or here to stay, at least someone on your list is going to be asking Santa for one.

Below, we list some of our favouriten wearables to consider for gifts this season, including some patriotic options.

1. The Neptune Pine Smartwatch ($370)

The Montreal-born smartwatch runs on Google’s Android platform, keeping you connected while on the move, from calling and web browsing to emailing and tracking fitness stats. It’s a high-end, jack-of-all-trades watch that is sure to impress.

2. The Pebble Steel Smartwatch ($220)

This cheaper, simpler smartwatch concept hails from Pebble. Compatible with Android or iOS, the Pebble boasts a waterproof design and e-paper display for easier reading under more lighting conditions. It’s a US company now, but the Pebble’s founder is Canadian with roots in both Vancouver and Waterloo.

3. Nike+ Sport Watch with TomTom GPS ($170)

The fitness enthusiast will adore this Nike-made, TomTom-infused sport watch. With built-in GPS, this timepiece tracks time, distance, pace, heart rate, and calories. It also keeps history and offers reminders to keep any athlete on track, even in the dead of winter.

4. Tractive GPS Pet Tracking Device ($170)

Pets are family. Never lose track of them thanks to this device. It’s designed for cat, dogs, and other animals, letting you check in on their location live via your computer or smartphone. Cool features include Safe Zone, which alerts your smartphone if your pet leaves a designated area, like a backyard.

5. Powershot Wireless Hockey Performance Sensor ($150)

This is Canada and we play hockey. This new sensor allows players to measure the power and speed of their slapshot and the amplitude and execution speed of their swing. Smartphone synchronization lets players track evolution in game and training situations.

6. ZeFit Activity and Sleep Tracker ($70)

For the minimalist, this slick MyKronoz wearable helps people keep track of their goals, measuring steps taken, distance travelled, and calories burned, all while being resistant to rain (a necessity throughout our fine nation). As a bonus, the ZeFit will also track your sleep quality.

Looking to buy a special gift for the sports fan, the gamer, the trend setter, the gadget guru or the fitness fanatic on your list?  Best Buy has something for everyone, check out our helpful gift guides on the Best Buy Plug-In Blog.