Goldmoney Streamlines Network and Wealth Divisions into Unified Holding Account

Goldmoney, a precious metal financial service and technology company, this week announced it will begin consolidating its Network and Wealth business divisions into a streamlined service and one unified account.

Goldmoney Holding will incorporate the best features and functionality of current Network and Wealth accounts, according to the Toronto company, which won Technology Innovation of the Year at the most recent Canadian Startup Awards.

“We’ve listened to feedback from our clients for the past two years and recognized that our clients seek more flexibility and choice; all of the innovation, automation, and accessibility of the Goldmoney Network combined with access to multiple metals, multiple currencies, and the additional client services of Goldmoney Wealth,” said Josh Crumb, CFO of Goldmoney.

Clients with existing Goldmoney Wealth Holdings will instantly experience the new branding and features available to them in their dashboard. Network users will continue to have full access to their existing accounts, but are encouraged to apply for the new Goldmoney Holding.

“We’ve put a substantial amount of effort into the technical, legal, and regulatory work required to deliver this unique global offering to clients,” said Roy Sebag, CEO of Goldmoney.

Goldmoney has nearly $2 billion in precious metal savings.

“With new payment tools, deposit and redemption automation from our mobile app, and multiple currency and metal offerings, the Goldmoney Holding becomes an unrivaled global savings and payments platform,” said Darrell MacMullin, COO.

Goldmoney Holdings do not require minimum balances.