Google Adds New Features to Drive, Photos, Play

Google has added a new feature to its popular Drive and Photos apps to help users backup their files.

“You probably keep your most important files and photos in different places—your computer, your phone, various SD cards, and that digital camera you use from time to time,” says Aakash Sahney, product manager for Google Drive. “It can be a challenge to keep all these things safe, backed up, and organized, so today we’re introducing Backup and Sync.”

Backup and Sync is an app for both Mac and PC that backs up files and photos Google Drive and Google Photos. This new tool replaces Google’s existing desktop uploader.


“It’s a simpler, speedier and more reliable way to protect the files and photos that mean the most to you,” says David Loxton, product manager for Google Photos.

Google also launched a new feature for Play, its music streaming service. Called New Release Radio, the station uses machine learning to select singles and album releases from the past two weeks based on your listening history and musical preferences.

“It’s a really quick way to check out all-new music that’s tailored just for you,” says Dharti Dhami, tech lead manager for Google Play Music. “The station is available to free radio listeners and subscribers globally and will be constantly updated with the latest new releases.”