Google Maps May Show Parking Availability in Next Update

It appears as though Google is working on a new feature for its Maps app.

A beta version of Google Maps hints at parking availability, showing ease of parking for the end destination of a route as either Easy, Medium, or Limited, according to Android Police.

Quoth Android Police:

Parking availability will be shown as a small rounded P icon next to your route duration estimate when you search for driving directions, followed by more descriptive text. As Cody’s teardown showed, there are three levels to look for: Limited, Medium, and Easy. Limited parking will get the P icon to turn red.

Not all users of Google Maps v9.44 beta have this feature, which suggests it may not be coming to the masses immediately. But given that parking is often a crucial component of a route, we’re sure Google is working hard behind the scenes on introducing this future feature.

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