Google Offers Update on Daydream at I/O

This morning at I/O, Google went into more detail about the investments the company is making in the core technologies that enable virtual and augmented reality.

Daydream is Google’s platform for mobile VR. There are several Daydream-ready phones already available, with more to come, according to Google—including Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+. Google says partner headsets will also become available.

“Standalone headsets, a new category of devices built by our partners, are also coming to Daydream later this year,” Google announced. “They’re easy to use, and the form factor enables partners to optimize things like sensors and displays for VR.”

On the software side, an upcoming update called Daydream Euphrates will allow users to capture footage and share your experience in real-time.

“These are just the first steps, but we’re excited about where this leads,” said Google.