Google Partners with AutoNation on Self-Driving Cars

Google-owned Waymo will be rolling out its self-driving car program across the United States with the help of AutoNation, America’s largest automotive retailer.

AutoNation said it has signed a multi-year agreement to offer vehicle mechanical and cosmetic repairs to Waymo’s self-driving fleet of Chrysler Pacifica hybrid vehicles. The automotive support will extend to other car models as Waymo expands its operations.

“AutoNation remains uniquely positioned to lead our industry towards the future of mobility, due to our brand, exceptional service and maintenance capabilities, and commitment to innovation,” said AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson. “AutoNation and Waymo are like minded in our joint mission to keep people safe whenever they are in a vehicle.”

Waymo has previously joined forces with Lyft, the ridesharing rival of Uber, and car rental company Avis. Meanwhile Apple, General Motors, Ford and Uber are developing their own autonomous vehicle technology.

The Google subsidiary is currently in the throws of a legal battle with Uber for alleged autonomous technology theft.