Google Searches for SUVs and Trucks Prevail in American Market

Step aside hybrid cars and compact sedans; gas-guzzling SUVs and trucks remain what most Americans are Googling these days.

Different makes and models of trucks and SUVs were the most searched vehicles in 23 states, according to a Google search analysis by Gold Eagle. Only two states had top searches for electric and hybrid vehicles.


The most searched for car was the Buick Enclave, coming out on top in eight states. Subarus were also a popular pick with different models trumping car searches in six states.

While Google search results doesn’t indicate American purchasing habits, earlier this week Ford reported that it saw a significant boost in sales for its signature Ford Explorer.

Sales for the SUV were up 23% in June compared to the same time last year. Ford Sales Analyst Erich Merkle commented on last month’s performance of Ford brand SUVs.

“[It’s] the first time that we’ve sold over the 400,000 mark Ford brand SUVs at any time in Ford’s history,” said Merkle.

This news comes at a time where electric cars are seeing a lot of hype and Tesla’s Model 3—its most affordable car—enters production.