Google Wants to Help You Find a Job in Canada

Google already has a pretty good beat on what we like and want to know about, so they may as well know our job aspirations as well.

The search and tech giant has officially launched their job search feature in Canada, enabling the country to now find jobs within the Google portal. Millions of citizens already head to the search engine to being their search for a new career, so the expansion of the jobs section was a natural one for Google to make.

Techfest May 2018

The jobs feature has been live in the U.S. for just under a year and since then, Google has seen 60 per cent more employers showing jobs in search with tens of millions of citizens getting connect to new opportunities.

All a user has to do to access the new feature is to enter a query in Google with the word jobs in it, such as “jobs near me,” “summer jobs,” “jobs in Canada” or other examples. Results from the job portal will pop up for users on desktop, iOS and Android.

“We’re all here as a community to really help Canadians find jobs more quickly and efficiently,” explained Sabrina Geremia, Google’s country director for Canada. “Job search and Google will be powering that, but it’s also about everyone here sharing this value, the value of a more prosperous and innovative community that we’re going to build together because the value of community is what this is all about.”

“It’s about putting people together to work on big problems and solve them together, and tools and technology like the new Google jobs board are the tools that are going to help us get there.”

Google Jobs

The jobs portal also comes with several different filters career seekers can apply. Category, title, location, date posted, type, and company type are all distinct ways to sort job results. There is even an employer tab so users can look for specific jobs within a company. Some of the default employers in the Google Canada jobs board to choose from include Amazon, Air Canada, TribalScale, Bell, TD, and of course Google.

Google has partnered with a few trusted job sources to provide listings as well. A quick search indicates Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Monster Canada and others pop up the most often. Some of those job sites, like Monster Canada, have partnered with Google Canada to integrate AI into the search process to better hone in on jobs for users. Rankings for the particular listing and workplace are often included as well from Glassdoor, Indeed and CareerBliss.

Users can also save job postings for later in case they get tired of the eternal struggle that often comes with finding new work. Alerts will tell job seekers when a new matching position has been added as well.

The number of jobs that are discoverable on the platform will only grow as more companies and organizations use the open source tool to add their databases and postings to Google.